Rita guides you through a most loving and sacred yoga practice. Her gentle nature and lightness allow for the most wonderful unfolding to take place in her class. As a fellow student and teacher I am always appreciative of her gifts and radiant smile she shares with others. ... Aarti Ganesh           Read more...




Dr. Rita Khanna’s YogaShaastra Studio
A Yoga & Naturopathy Training Centre
Over 28 Years of Teaching Yoga

Most of us today have a stressful lifestyle. The pressures of society, work, family and relationships, in an environment where we are exposed to toxins of every kind, toxins in the food, toxins in the air, emotional and mental toxins, put a lot of stress on our bodies. As a result most of us suffer from toxic deposits throughout the body. Detoxification program is unique in its effectiveness in achieving the elimination of toxins and old intestinal deposits, removal of mucus and other degenerative deposits (like heavy metals), worms and parasites in the body and the various organs. With the elimination of these toxins and undesirable elements, the aim is not only to achieve a transformation on the physical level, but also on the mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

Your body is like a high efficiency filter. It takes in water, food and other elements and distributes them evenly throughout the body. But like any filter, it becomes clogged with bad elements. As more and more bad elements are allowed to pass through the filter, they build up on the surface of the filter and create a sludge-like substance. After a while, the filter stops working properly. If your body doesn’t have the proper cleansing system to get rid of the sludge, it starts getting choked up, overflows with waste and becomes a colony for bacterial infections. If you experience any of the below mentioned symptoms, it might be a sign that your body needs to clean out its filter.

Inability to lose weight, Diabetes, Arthritis, Constipation, Impaired digestion, Powerful food cravings, Flatulence, Gas & bloating, Menstrual problems, Food allergies, Skin problems, Irritability, Mood swings, Bad breath & excessive foul-smelling stools, Frequent tiredness and low energy levels, Metallic taste in mouth… If You Experience One Or More Of These Symptoms Then It’s Time To Detoxify!!!


• The benefits of Detoxification program are on so many levels and different people choose to do our program for various reasons. A number of people enquire as to whether they will lose weight. If you have weight to lose, you will certainly lose it. In fact it is an excellent first step to losing weight and changing bad eating habits.
• The program provides a much-needed rest for the internal organs. It restores and normalizes glandular, metabolic and nervous-system functions; speeds up the elimination of morbid accumulations, toxic wastes and dead cells; accelerates new cell and tissue generation and enhances cell-oxygenation. After the Program, the body is able to digest food better and is well equipped to utilize nutrients in the food. The organs have a new vitality - any sluggishness would have disappeared. If the body was prone to water-retention, this also disappears.
• Perhaps the most important benefit of Detoxification program is that it thoroughly cleans and purifies the bloodstream and it is the best way to increase our natural resistance to disease. Blood is responsible for delivering nutrients and oxygen to every cell in the body, and it must also carry away metabolic wastes from the cells for excretion in the kidneys and intestines. Blood is also the body's immunological watchman, circulating white blood cells, enzymes and other immunity factors which are on 24-hour-a-day 'search-and-destroy' missions against invaders. Dirty blood simply cannot perform these functions properly. As a result, malnutrition sets in, resistance plummets, toxemia becomes a chronic condition, and germs have a field day invading your most valuable tissues. This program greatly helps to ward off all such problems.

Here, at YogaShaastra Studio, we have experienced and witnessed the complete reversal of so-called incurable diseases like Psoriasis, the cessation of chronic migraines, the elimination of allergies, completely curing thyroid and back problems and dramatic relief from the discomforts and pains of rheumatic and arthritic sufferers etc. Even if you feel you are relatively healthy, this program is a wonderful preventive measure against aging, weight problems and possible future ill-health.
Then Why Wait to Get Started?


Through correct diet, the eliminative and cleansing capacity of the organs of elimination, specifically lungs, liver, kidneys and the skin, is greatly increased and accumulated metabolic waste and toxins are quickly eliminated. It releases many stored chemicals and heavy metals from the tissues. The blood is kept pure and all the internal organs function properly.

Massage livens up the skin and improves the lymphatic circulation. It increases blood circulation, thus increasing the capacity of the blood to carry oxygen. Skin pores open up, eliminating poisons from the body through perspiration. It also removes muscular tension and pain. Massage therapy not only treats those parts which are creating a problem, but also affects the whole of metabolism through normalizing digestive, circulatory, muscular and nervous systems.

Water has a healing property. Hydrotherapy uses water as an element for the elimination of poisonous substances stored in the body tissue through increasing blood circulation. Steam bath, hip bath, spinal bath and hot foot bath are the main hydrotherapy methods:

Steam bath helps the body to get rid of wastes products, regulates body temperature and invigorates our largest organ, the skin. It increases circulation to the skin, mobilizes the fat, increases basal metabolic rate (BMR) and thus helps in reducing weight. It is useful for all types of pains and aches of the body such as arthritis, gout, uric acid problem, spondylosis, sciatica, spinal neuralgias (spinal nerve pain), functional disorders of the spinal cord etc. Steam also increases white blood cells which protect and strengthens our immune system.

Cold hip bath tones and cleanses the system, invigorates the nerves and brain and removes poisonous materials from the body. It controls constipation, indigestion and obesity and helps the eliminative organs to function properly. This bath is also helpful in sub-involution (slowing of the process of involution) of the uterus and inflammation of the pelvic organs. It also is very effective for maladies like piles, hepatic congestion, urinary incontinence, chronic uterine infections, chronic congestion of the prostate, seminal weakness, hemorrhage of bladder, impotency, sterility and dilation of the stomach and colon.

Spinal bath is very good to energize the spine. Cold spinal bath relieves irritation of nerves, fatigue, high blood pressure and excitement. It is recommended in nervous disorders such as hysteria, fits, mental derangement, sleeplessness, loss of memory, tension, etc. When the nerves are depressed, the hot spinal bath is advised. It is useful in muscular backache and pain due to vertebral disorders. It is also beneficial in gastric disorders and sciatic pain.

Detoxification begins the moment you place your foot into the foot bath. It regulates warmth, promotes healthy blood circulation and has a soothing, healing effect. It has therapeutic effects including improved circulation, increased relaxation and as a result gives relief from symptomatic or chronic pain.


Evils eliminated from the intestines
An enema is the best natural procedure for a clean colon. Toxins stored in the liver, the gallbladder and in fat tissue come back into the bloodstream in higher quantities. Though a part of toxins are eliminated through fasting and increased intake of fluids, cleansing our bowel thoroughly is rather difficult due to its shape and structure. The unreachable parts are cleaned through enema. It gives a great boost to a person’s detoxification efforts, as also helps to resolve chronic constipation.

Abdominal cold pack is placed on the abdomen to stimulate the uterus. It drives the blood from the skin surface deeper into the kidneys, liver, uterus and digestive system and then back to the skin surface. When the blood travels back to the skin surface, it is laden with acidic waste which is neutralized by the alkalinity. These treatments serve to improve blood circulation to various internal organs.

Our bodies absorb infrared rays from the Sun which is necessary for health and well being. If we don’t get enough Sun then this is a good alternative. These rays impart heat. They penetrate the skin & come into contact with protein, collagen and fats by stimulating micro-vibrations. Far infra-red cause a thermal reaction which elevates tissue temperatures. The human body then reacts by dilating all the blood vessels regardless of size. Tissues are revitalized because of the improved (micro & macro) circulation. It is useful in assisting the clearing of cellulite, improving skin tone, helping with weight management and energizing the body while relaxing the mind. You will notice a great sense of relaxation, revitalization and a great sense of well-being.

Yoga Asanas encourage the proper circulation of blood and lymph fluid, enhance digestion, reduce nervous tension, strengthen the endocrine system, lubricate the joints, reduce excess fat, improve concentration and provide resistance to hunger and to the extremes of heat and cold. They support detoxification by improving digestion and elimination and moving toxins out of the body.

Pranayama or breathing exercises will thoroughly oxygenate the bloodstream, providing energy and improving all physical processes of the body. Stale air is eliminated from the bottom of the lungs. Deep breathing by using our diaphragm instead of just using our lungs to breathe maximizes the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide in our body.

Meditation, prayer and other inward activities allow your energies to focus on inward and self-regenerating process during detoxification. It gives us the opportunity to look at what is going on inside ourselves, to allow our thoughts and emotions to surface so that we can deal with them instead of burying them.

Our bodies, one can see, have become reservoirs of toxic waste due to our own negligence. While all the above treatments will definitely detoxify the body and bring serenity to the mind, common sense practices such as drinking adequate water, having a nutritious diet, exercising regularly, meditating and in general living a healthy lifestyle will enhance the purity and quality of one’s life in the long run. Detoxification of body and mind ensures good health and considerably delays ageing.

After the cleansing, you should feel much lighter, more blissful and more energetic. Give yourself time for gradual transition into your normal routine and eating habits. Gradually add heavier foods to your diet, and be sure to get enough rest for a few days after cleansing is over. Follow your normal routine and the recommended diet for your body type or imbalances.

“If you follow our programs diligently you will definitely get results”

Programs commence every day– begin at your convenience


Some Comments from Recent Clients:


Hi I am Jayasree. I was diagnosed hypothyroid on basis on 16 points which was very high. I was very much over weight being 85 kgs and stress and anxiety was troubling me. I being 34 year old was on medication on medicines like beta heart blockers and sleeping pills.
Fortunately I came to Dr.Rita Khanna’s YogaShaastra Studio and told her all my problems. I told her that I wanted to get rid of all these medications. She assured me that by will power and determination towards Yoga we can surely come out of these problems.
I first took on special course aiming towards my immediate problem of thyroid and anxiety/stress. With different Yoga techniques and Yoga Nidra under the able guidance of Dr. Rita, I was totally relieved of my stress and my thyroid tests have come down below the normal. I feel very energetic and very youthful. I have stopped all my medication.
Later I underwent the Detoxification Program by which I have been able to manage my weight. I feel very relaxed and relieved. I feel very good mentally and physically. I have on the whole lost more than 15 Kgs of weight. It has been an awesome experience.
I feel that but for personal touch and vast experience of my mentor Dr.Rita Khanna, all this would not have been possible. I have made my New Year resolution that I will do Yoga forever.

Need to lose weight in a hurry without looking sick. Adopt the RITA KHANNA’s weight loss program and lose up to 20 kilos in 2 months with a glowing face. Two months ago, due to an unnatural growth in the body I had been recommended abdominal surgery. Such a surgery is a scary prospect at all times and with a weight of 92 kilos all the more so. It was then that I turned to Dr Rita Khanna for help and started a weight loss program the naturopathy way.
In these two months, Dr Khanna put me through a rigorous but exhilarating drill. She began by a ten-day program of detoxification whereby all the toxins my body had accumulated were flushed out. I never could believe that I could be on such a major energy high whilst being only on liquids or fruits or salads. Evidently I was feeding the body more than it needed. Then weekly diet plans, massages, hip and spinal baths followed. Along with I continued my daily routine of Yogasanas, Pranayama and Meditation. The result is not just that I have lost 14 kilos of weight in 2 months but I have lost this weight with a glowing face, without missing on a single days work. Moreover I learned to listen to my body and recognize that like my mind my body also talks to me. This customized weight loss program that Dr Khanna devised for me and then helped me execute with her gentle encouragement and concern has helped me lose loads of excess fat and find happiness and peace
I came here with a purpose and I found here the perfect place to get what I wanted

Just what I needed!!
Very relaxing & great to achieve that along with cleansing & rejuvenating the body, overcame my addiction to over-eating, recharged my batteries. I feel like a new person. Really excellent experience, completely positive and wonderful, I have loved it and I am so pleased that I came.
I really hope to be here again. Thank you so much for all.

What an experience!!!
Detoxification program for me was a truly enlightening experience, and contrary to my initial beliefs it was amazing that it was rare during the 10 days that I felt hungry. I have never lost so many kilos with so much fun. I came feeling stressed and toxic!! And left feeling so relaxed, at peace and clean. Thank you Dr. Rita Khanna for your personal caring, and I shall be back soon.

Aum Shanti

For more information kindly contact: 040-65173344 or 09849772485

Email: yogashaastra@gmail.com

Website: www.yogashaastra.in


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