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Makarasana...The Solution for many health problems

Makarasana means Crocodile Pose; hence it assumes the shape of a Crocodile. This simple & beautiful asana is a boon for those with conditions like neck pain, spondylosis, lower back pain, knee pain, sciatica, & the pain due to displacement of the spinal disc.

One should practice this Asana for a longer duration as it encourages the vertebral column to resume its normal shape & releases compression of the spinal nerves. In this Asana it is essential that the belly, chest & thighs continue touching the ground fully so that the stomach & the intestines are stimulated. It is useful for digestion, acidity & respiratory problems like asthma. 

By regular practice of this Asana, a subtle power develops in the body, which brings balance, stability & mind becomes calm and composed. There are various methods of performing this Asana. 


Lie face down on the abdomen on the mat with legs apart about 2 to 2 ½ feet, toes out to the sides, heels are in facing towards each other. Now form a pillow with the arms by crossing the arms (place your right hand on the left shoulder, left hand on the right shoulder), head and face tilted one side. Abdomen and chest supposed to rest on the ground .Take your mind towards the breath. Breathe in as slow as possible; breathe out as slow as possible. With each inhalation, expand the abdomen & touch it to the ground & with each exhalation relax the abdomen. Remain in this position for 5-10 breaths or as long as you wish. It is a complete relaxation posture. 


In the second mode of Makarasana, keep both the legs straight & slightly apart, raise the head up & rest the chin on the palms of the hands with the elbows on the floor. If you want to cure upper neck stiffness, move the elbows forward & keep them apart. In this position, the pressure increases on the neck. For the lower back problem, bring the elbows together & closer to the body; the pressure thus moves towards the lower back. For both upper & lower back, adjust your elbows to the position where you can feel the pressure on the neck as well as on the lower back. Do each position with natural breathing. Remain in each position as long as you wish. You could do it with closed eyes, open eyes, while watching TV or talking to someone. With eyes closed, it is a good posture to be in while you introspect.


In the third mode, come into the second position. Now from behind, bend alternate knee towards the hips with natural breathing for some time or as long as you wish. Then do the same with both the legs by bringing the feet together as long as you wish before getting up slowly. 

 Courtesy: Dr. Rita Khanna