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Gudelines For Healthy Living

We must consider it as our birth right to stay healthy and to obtain this right, it is not necessary to take help of medicines as it is in our own hands. Nature has made the human body so complete that it is possible to stay healthy by keeping the internal systems working properly and in a coordinated manner. For overall physical and mental well being, harmony and peace of mind, follow these guidelines as a part of your life and improve your quality of life.


Good health depends on a well-balanced diet and a happy attitude towards life. Take a moderate diet: stomach ¾ full. Eat more of sprouts, fresh green leafy vegetables, seasonal fruits, salads, juices, raw chutney and lemon-honey-water. Prefer butter milk and curds to milk. Take dried fruits after soaking them in water overnight.Use any grains/seeds after soaking them in water overnight. Chew well & eat slowly and calmly. Do not eat if ill, tired, in pain, in a tense state or in a hurry. Eat only when hungry. Ideal timings for meals are between 9a.m. & 11a.m. & 5p.m. to 7p.m.Take food with the attitude that it is a health giving gift from nature. Take a stroll after dinner for 15 to 20 minutes.


Drink water as much as possible during whole day other than at mealtime. One can have soup, buttermilk along with the meals. After half an hour of completion of meals, plain water can be taken.


Salt, sweets, spices, chilies, pulses (dal), ghee, butter, ice-cream, cream, potato and nuts.


The early to bed and early to rise habit. Fasting one day every week with juices and adequate water. Eat to live, not live to eat.


White-flour (maida), white sugar, polished rice, synthetic/artificial food, late dinner, heavy meals, late sleeping, very hot and very cold food, eating while reading or watching T.V., tea, coffee, alcohol, drugs, soft drinks, tobacco, smoking, chewing pan, zarda (All these may stimulate you for a short time, but ultimately they depress you).


Wash vegetable and fruits properly before cutting as they contain pesticides and contaminants. Maintain an adequate distance while watching TV. Tension is very harmful, as it causes flatulence, acidity, constipation, irritability, besides liver, hypertension and heart problems. Hence, change the way of living.


Do exercises / Yogasanas / walking / cycling / jogging / gardening / swimming / play games etc. Breathe deeply and keep erect posture always.


Practice yogasana, pranayama, meditation regularly. After having meal, sit in vajrasana for 5 to 15 minutes. Spend some time in laughing daily. Do gargling with warm saline water once a day. Keep a three-hour gap between your dinner and bedtime. Sleep on a medium/hard bed with a thin pillow. Forget your worries and be relaxed when you go to bed. Detoxifying the system completely with juices, fruits & salads for 2 to 4 days every three months is very good to stay fit permanently.


Take regular mental exercise. The mind affects the body in many ways and mental health is necessary to achieve physical health. Mental activities such as reading, writing, self- study, the creative arts, a hobby, learning something new, doing a different project all stimulate the mind. Watching excessive amount of TV, computer games or videos does not allow you to exercise your creativity or mental capacity. Manage the levels of stress in your life. Learn how to relax and stay calm and have a practical and positive attitude to your abilities and life circumstances.


It is important that you have a goal or purpose in life that you are interested in and genuinely wish to achieve. This may be via your job or home life or by being a member of a local or national society or some other means. Without an interest in wanting to achieve something, life often becomes dull and meaningless. Remember to enjoy life.


For sound health if the following six rules are observed, life will be more beautiful, happy and joyful.

  • Eat half the stomach full
  • Drink water double the quantity of food.
  • Take exercise three fold.
  • Laugh four fold
  • Work five fold
  • Repeat the name of Ram- Ram six fold…….
  • It is not a must to call out the name of Rama; you may call out the name of God you believe in.

 Courtesy: Dr. Rita Khanna
Aum Shanti


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