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Eyes are the pearls of life. Taking care of them is our prime duty. The eyes work together to perceive depth, enabling us to judge distance and the size of objects to help us move around them. Our eyes require care and protection. They also require attention and precautions when sun is shining very brightly or when the eyes are engaged in some work for a long time. Every four to six months or minimum once a year, eyes should be got checked for their visual capacity. With the correct eye care program, that includes eye exercises, proper diet and supplementation; you can significantly affect and even improve your vision.

Reading in poor light or in a lying down position, reading or writing in a moving train, plane, car or bus, watching television for too long or working at a computer for long hours, causes stress on the eyes and contracts the eye muscles. This leads to deteriorating eyesight or pain in the eyes.


For all eye problems, splash fresh & clean water on your eyes.
Do eye exercises to tone your eyes. Remove your glasses or contact lenses while exercising.
Other recommended Yoga exercises are Shirsasana, Sarvangasana, Vipritkarni Mudra. The eyes obtain tremendous power by practising these Asanas.
Regular practice of Bhramari, Aumkar, and alternate nostril breath can also perfuse the eyes with plenty of blood flow.
Constipation also affects our eyes. Therefore, it is essential that bowels get cleaned fully everyday. For this practise Yogamudra,Vajrasana (after the meals) & Shitali Pranayama in morning and evening.
Practice of Jalnetikriya keeps the sinuses, nasal tract and the throat free from infection. This, in turn, keeps the eyes free from congestion and strain, and improves vision.
Practice of deep breathing and meditation also can give rest to the eyes and increase its working capacity.
Practice of concentration or Trataka by sitting in front of a flame also gives special strength to working system to the eyes.
Drink tons of water. Deep green, yellow and orange colored fruit, amla juice and vegetables are very good for the eyes.

I am describing an eye exercise below. Although it is not possible to explain everything, you can learn it from a qualified yoga trainer.


This exercise helps to get over eye strain and tension. Vision will get better and clearer as the ophthalmic or eye nerves receive a richer supply of blood. Best of all, unlike yoga postures, eye exercises can be practiced any time, even after a heavy meal! Sit comfortably with your back and neck straight but not stiff. Now do the following:

Move the eyeballs up & look at the space between the eyebrows, then lower the eyeballs & look at the tip of the nose in a vertical axis.
Move the eyes parallel to the floor in a straight line from right to left and left to right.
Move the eyes diagonally from left up, right down. Now reverse the sequence with right up & left down 5 times.
Move the eyes in a semi half circle upward from right to left and left to right.
Move the eyes in the downward half circle from right to left, left to right.
Roll the eyes round clockwise 4 times. Then do the same anti- clockwise. When rolling the eyes, make as large a circle as possible,
Now stretch the right arm forward, raise the index finger up and fix the eyes on the nail of the finger or just beyond the nail. Hold it for sometime there. Then slowly draw the finger nearer to the eyes. This will make the eyes to move towards the tip of the nose. Hold it for sometime. This is one round. Then do it again 3 to 4imes. In this exercise eyes become eccentric hence you will find you are not seeing one finger but two. One finger will be the main finger, which is real and the other will be an optical illusion.
In the end, blink your eyes several times. Then rub the hands vigoursly and do palming to the eyes. Repeat palming 3 times.

In all the above exercises, head must remain totally still.
Give rest to the eyes by keeping them closed for 10 to 12 seconds between each process.

In case of any query, contact:
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